ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is the largest domain in the world.

.Net platform is one of the fastest growing platforms.

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Create an Azure Cloud Software Application

Azure Cloud is gaining popularity and is competing with Amazon Elastic Cloud and Google Cloud for a spot in the billion dollar Cloud computing space. As always, we are ready to help you. With this book learn how to use - Table (an Azure Table is different from a SQL Server Table), Queue, Blob storage services, use your local machine to create an Application and a Service, how Azure splits a Table to achieve Load Balancing, Scalability based on the Partition Key, AppFabric Service Bus, Access Control Service, role of Fabric Controller, features of Azure SQL Database and Content Delivery Network.

Many have mastered Cloud Programming and are enjoying the benefits. Why not you?

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Create your Own Accounting Software

A foundation book to Master Accounting Software Development, VB.Net, C# and OOPs programming. A detailed explanation of the Accounting domain for programmers is included. SQL and ADO.Net is also covered in detail. This book gives you a strong foundation in Application Development.

You will learn to use the GridView control to implement accounting transactions such as payments, receipts, bank transactions and cash transactions. You will also learn how to use ADO.Net objects to connect to sql server database, to retrieve data using dataset and save the transactions and generate reports.

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Create your Own ERP Software

Building on the concepts taught in the foundation book, this book helps you to master 3-tier software development, with special focus on Business Layer, Data Access Layer and Presentation Layer. Get an End to End perspective on Enterprise Resource Planning Software, its architecture, design, features and programming.

A must have resource, if you are serious about mastering the secrets of software development. Important concepts covered namely Finance, Stock, Manufacturing, Purchase and Sales. The database schema for these domains is covered in this book.

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Create your Own WEB ERP Software using ASP.Net

This book opens you to the Web. Using ASP.Net, C# and SQL Server as the tools, you will learn to build a Multi Tier Web Application as recommended by Microsoft. You will learn implementing inline GridView control, Transaction Management for a layered Web Application, build Data Access component and a Business Layer component.

Opens you to a world of opportunities. You will be able to develop a Web ERP application including all the five modules and learn how to use the TreeView control and GridView control to implement transactions such as Purchase Invoice, Sales Order and Sales Invoice.

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Create your Own Entity Framework Application (SOM System)

Entity frameworks is the latest buzz in .Net programming and is the data access technology for Microsoft OS based hand held devices and web applications. Learn to integrate EF into an ASP.Net Application and MVC application. Create, explore and query the Entity Data Model. Learn how to use ObjectDataSource control and GridView control in an ASP.Net Application.

Also, learn to build Three-Tier ASP.Net application, create a business-class, implement methods in the class to perform CRUD operations and bind a GridView to the ObjectDataSource control. Learn how to handle concurrency and managing Transactions.  

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Create your Own Android Database Application

Mobile usage is growing manifold. With everyone expected to use or access a smartphone and with the million dollar contracts, mobile application developers are in demand. An important building block is Intents and BroadcastReceivers and you will learn this in detail. Master Android SOM database application development using SQLite database and implement the functionalities add, query and edit. You will also master the concepts menus, layouts, views, lists, cursors and transaction methods.

With this book you will be among the few with expertise in technologies which are hot today and in the future.

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The 5 benefits
Kiss Goodbye to Expensive Training Programs
As you start reading the books, you will notice the easy narration and answers to numerous questions that you always wanted to ask. Concepts and development steps are logicaly laid out, eliminating the need for a trainer. Follow the narration, and kiss goodbye to expensive training programs. Become an expert.

Save Precious Time and Money
Suppose you were to build applications on your own. You would have to spend time and money to gather information about database design, schema, connections, validations - UI side and Server side. You have to make sure the code examples from different sources work in your application. You will also have to ensure that your design confirms to Microsoft recommended layered design, for your application to be scalable. Now all this is packed and ready for you!

Start your Own Consulting firm
ERP .Net books give you the knowledge and skills to start off on your own in the lucrative ERP domains - Finance, Stock, Manufacturing, Sales and Purchase. Build multiple apps for your clients.

Get a Great Job !!
Heard of ERP software consultants getting $ 100 /hr jobs in USA? Data shows ERP programmers and consultants draw best salaries. Companies such as SAP, Dynamics, Oracle, Accenture pay high salaries to ERP consultants. With ERP knowledge you are ready to Beat the competition !

Create your ERP software
See Contents and Highlights of each book (listed separately) for a complete picture of what is in it for you.