Develop Azure Applications

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  1. Most important, Microsoft is betting big on Azure - Mr. Satya Nadella CEO, is an Azure expert. This shows the growing importance of Cloud in Microsoft's assessment of the future.
  2. Did you know Microsoft has huge investments in Azure Cloud?
  3. Every major company / product - SAP, NetSuite, MS Dynamics, Oracle, Google, Salesforce have their own Cloud services.
  4. Cloud application developers are in demand worldover. Have you checked on this? Search Azure Jobs.
  5. In this book, you will learn all the key aspects of Azure and a complete step by step explanation Azure application development - some of them are listed below:
  6. Learn what is Windows Azure O.S, Components of Windows Azure platform. A complete overview from the point of view of a .Net developer is given.
  7. Learn how to build a Cloud Application using Tables, Blob and Queue. Storage is a key aspect in any software application.
  8. When you choose Azure as your platform for the Cloud, you retain most of the skills of .Net application development. You can bag new orders, with existing skills.
  9. Azure has the best scaling feature which is integrated with your Partition key and Row key. A major requirement for all Big Data Applications.
  10. Understanding Windows Azure Compute environment made easy with this book. Along with storage Compute is a key concept in Azure. You will learn how compute is linked to your application components and how to minimize your Azure bill by optimizing your Application design.
  11. It is necessay that you know about Virtualization, and how it has paved the way for Cloud Computing and virtual machine drawbacks is explained
  12. Learn how a Cloud Application is superior in cost and technology aspects and why should we move to Cloud?
  13. What do roles and instances mean and how to Use Worker roles and Web roles to create a Cloud Application
  14. Cloud Computing Service Delivery Models are superior, see why.
  15. Did you know that there is a SQL Server equivalent in the Cloud? Learn all about SQL Database, create and configure SQL Database server in the Cloud, configure the Firewall, use T-SQL script to create Tables and add data in SQL database server, connect SQL Database instance with SQL Server Management Studio
  16. Learn how to set the configuration settings for a Cloud Services
  17. Learn Fabric Controller, Windows Azure AppFabric - services, Windows Azure Service Bus, Relayed Messaging Pattern, Brokered Messaging Pattern, Service Bus Queues, Service Bus Topics, Access Control Services, Important concepts in ACS
  18. Use Local Storage, Features of Azure Storage, How do you address a resource in the Windows Azure Storage, Addressing Local Storage Resources, How to create a Storage Account, what are Storage Account Endpoints, what are Storage account URLs, create a Data Model for Entities in Table Storage, how to monitor Storage Account, what are Storage Access Keys, why two of them, Capacity of a single storage account, why and how of Partitioning of tables, what is the uniqure relationship between PartitionKey and Scalability, how to access Table Storage Service from an Application, what is Windows Azure Storage Client Library (SCL) for .NET, Define an Entity class, perform common tasks such as Delete Table, Delete Entity, Replace Entity
  19. Claims-Based Identity and its Benefits and Working of ACS authentication
  20. Using Windows Azure, create a Scalable Web Application and a Parallel Processing Application
  21. Create a Scalable Web Application with Background Processing
  22. Migrate an on-premise web application to the cloud
  23. Windows Azure Execution Models, Web Sites (Managed Web sites), Cloud Services (PaaS Cloud Services)
  24. Deploy an ASP.NET Web Application (MVC application) to a Windows Azure WebSite
  25. Build a service package file
  26. Deploy a Cloud Service
  27. Two models of using SQL Server in the cloud, IaaS - You can run SQL Server on an Azure Virtual machine, PaaS - SQL Database, Choosing between SQL Server in Windows Azure VM & Windows Azure SQL Database, SQL Data Sync, SQL Data Reporting using Virtual Machines, Creating Logins and Users, Assigning Access Rights, How to use Windows Azure SQL Database (instance) in an Application, Connecting to a SQL Database with ADO.NET, Build a Windows Azure Application that works with SQL Database, Background Processing with Worker Roles and Queues

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