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cover image of azure cloud book

Create an Azure Cloud Software Application

  • Get hands on with Cloud Application development
  • Get ready for the fastest growing technology in the world
  • Learn how to use Azure Tables to store in your applicatio
  • Master Table storage - Queue, Blob storage services
  • Learn what are roles and instances
  • Learn what are Web roles
  • Learn what are Worker roles
  • Learn what are the benefits of Azure Storage
  • Learn what is Windows Azure AppFabric
  • Learn how to develop an Azure application from your desktop
  • Learn how to develop an database Azure application
  • Learn how to develop multi tier app using Table storage

cover image of foundation database programming book

Create your Own Accounting Software

  • Foundation Book of ERP .Net books
  • Learn basics of Application Development using VB.Net, C#, SQL Server
  • Create a three tier architecture application - Data Layer, Business Layer and Presentation Layer
  • Write Stored Procedures for implementing business logics, including inserting, updating, retrieving and deleting data from database.
  • Add, edit and delete data in Datagridview control placed on a Visual Basic form
  • Create an accounting software using VB and C#
  • Learn how to establishing a connection with Connection object.
  • Populating the DataSet using the DataAdapter
  • Setting DataAdapter Command properties, Select Command, Insert Command, Delete Command and Update Command
  • Accepting or Rejecting changes to data in a DataSet
  • Moving to a particular row in the DataSet using the Binding Context object
  • Program a transaction with ADO .Net using Transaction object

cover image of ERP book

Create your Own ERP Software

  • Create your own ERP software with and SQL Server
  • Detailed explanation of ERP domain 5 modules, Accounts, Stock, Manufacturing, Purchase, Sale
  • Create 5 modules and integrate them
  • Master the basic Chart of accounts
  • Build an ERP software which is multi-layered, with SQL Server database
  • Build the Data layer which contains database, tables and stored procedures for the ERP system
  • Build the Business Layer which implements business logics
  • Build the Data Access layer using ADO.Net technology
  • Build the Presentation layer using windows forms
  • Master TreeView control and DataGridView control programming
  • Retrieve, Traverse the dataset and fill the Listbox.
  • Implement double entry rules in an ERP software.
  • Transaction management between Layers using TransactionScope object.
  • Add checkbox control in the datagrid to tick the packing and shipping sales orders.

cover image of book

Create your Own WEB ERP Software using ASP.Net

  • Create your own Web ERP software with ASP.Net and C#
  • Master TreeView and GridView control in a Web Application using C#
  • Learn how to bind data bound controls to a Business Object using Object Data Source Control
  • Learn to use different validation controls
  • How to access Data Access layer component from the Business layer
  • Learn using SqlDataSource control with parameters
  • Use GridView control to display, edit and delete data in the database.
  • Learn Programmatic DataBinding with GridView control.
  • Create master-detail page by using GridView and DetailsView control.
  • Use FormView control to update and insert data.
  • Learn how to use Master pages.
  • Program the TreeNodePopulate event of TreeView control.
  • Use TemplateField element in GridView control
  • Design and program the Bill of materials feature for a manufacturing company.
  • Gain end to end knowledge to develop Web ERP software.
  • Implement Transactions using TransactionScope object.

cover image of entity framework book

Create your Own Entity Framework Application (SOM System)

  • Create an Application using Entity Frameworks
  • Query the Entity Data model using LINQ to Entities
  • Query Entity Data Model with Object services and Entity SQL
  • Query with Entity Client data provider
  • Lazy Loading - Loading related data using Load() method
  • Performance issue with Lazy loading in Entity Framework
  • Eager loading using Include() method in Entity framework
  • How to build Three-Tier ASP.Net application using Entity Framework ?
  • Handling Concurrency with the Entity Framework in an ASP.Net Web Application
  • Implement Optimistic Concurrency Conflicts with the EF
  • Handling Optimistic Concurrency Exceptions
  • Managing Transactions in the EntityFramework
  • Creating an ASP.Net MVC Application
  • Create a Model for the SOM Application using EF in MVC web application
  • Create and program ASP.Net MVC controllers

cover image of Android book

Create your Own Android Database Application (SOM System)

  • Learn to build an Android database application
  • Learn to program Android Application Components such as Activities, Intents and Services
  • Learn to configure Android SDK and Eclipse and create an Android Virtual Device(AVD)
  • Learn to create an User Interface - Place editText view, Spinner view, multi-line EditText view and the Button view
  • Access the data entered in the Spinner and CheckBox widgets
  • Learn to create the Options Menu, Context Menus and Handle the menuitem events
  • Learn to use different Layouts - LinearLayout, RelativeLayout and TableLayout
  • ListView widget to display customers
  • Create lists using Android ListActivity class
  • Populate the Spinner with an array resource
  • Learn to use Intents - Implicit aqnd Explicit
  • Create an Android database Application using SQLite
  • How to save the data into the SQLite database
  • Implement transactions using Android Transaction methods - beginTransaction, endTransaction, Commit and Rollback

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