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  6. Develop Web ERP Software using ASP.Net and C#
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  9. developing erp software using vb.net, sql server 2005 and 2008
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  13. Develop an Accounting Application using Visual Basic | client server
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  1. ERP
  2. ERP software development
  3. Entity Framework articles list
  4. Object Oriented Programming articles list
  5. ArrayList articles
  6. ERP software development topics
  7. How to implement form validation using ASP.Net 2.0 Validation Controls in a Web Application
  8. data access using ado .net, Visual Basic 2005, dataset
  9. access database in visual basic.net
  10. dataset in visual basic .net
  11. middle tier component for accessing sql server using visual basic .net
  12. databinding | binding data to a datagrid control
  13. data binding | CurrencyManager and BindingContext
  14. using assemblies in .net applications
  15. how to create and sign a shared assembly
  16. user custom controls in C# visual basic 2005, asp.net, application
  17. state management in an asp.net application
  18. ado.net data access
  19. ajax a brief tutorial of its usage
  20. constructors in Visual Basic.Net
  21. structure | creating | accessing data in visual basic 2005
  22. namespaces in visual basic.net
  23. visual basic.net 2005 Strings for performing database tasks
  24. database software
  25. visual basic | resource and tools
  26. Software | Software Programs | Computer
  27. sql server security
  28. accounting software used in various industries
  29. trading firm
  30. accounting software using visual basic
  31. connection string for connecting to data sources
  32. accounting in AFRICA
  33. who is a complete programmer
  34. How to use CompareValidator Control in ASP.net 2.0
  35. SQL Server 2005 authentication methods
  36. sql server service security
  37. Performing Custom Validation using the CustomValidator Control (C# 2005)
  38. business, presentation and data layers
  39. visual basic 2005 constants
  40. visual basic .net enumerations
  41. visual basic 2005 formatting numbers
  42. visual basic sql asp benefits
  43. type conversion in visual basic .net
  44. visual basic 2005 arrays
  45. visual basic 2005 variables
  46. Writing an Article
  47. classes in visual basic.net 2005
  48. resume format related information
  49. accounting software in africa
  50. visual basic sql server asp c # jobs
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  52. visual basic .net sql server project
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  54. open source accounting software features

Array List

  1. how to bind arraylist with dropdownlist in asp net application
  2. array vs arrylist
  3. how to create and add items into the ArrayList in csharp
  4. how to add items to the arraylist using an add method
  5. retrieve arraylist items using enumerators
  6. retrieve arraylist items using for each loop
  7. retrieve arraylist items using indexers
  8. insert items to the arraylist using insert and insertrange method
  9. remove-items-from-arraylist
  10. find item in arraylist using indexof method
  11. bind arraylist with gridview control in asp net application
  12. : how to bind arraylist with radiobuttonlist in asp.net application
  13. convert arraylist to string array
  14. convert string array to arraylist
  15. convert datatable into an arraylist
  16. convert dataset to arraylist in asp.net using c#
  17. how to retrieve arraylist items in reverse order
  18. difference between arraylist and list collection

Details View

  1. GridView and DetailsView Master/Detail page using ObjectDataSource control
  2. detailsview vs formview control
  3. DataBinding a DetailsView control
  4. GridView and DetailsView Master/Detail page using SqlDataSource control
  5. DropDownList and GridView Master/Detail page using ObjectDataSource control
  6. DetailsView databound event
  7. DetailsView integer type conversion error?
  8. Using detailsview control datakeynames property
  9. How to get the datakey value in DetailsView control
  10. DetailsView autogeneraterows property
  11. DetailsView fields
  12. Formatting DetailsView control with style properties
  13. using Boundfields in DetailsView control
  14. Display message using EmptyDataTemplate in the DetailsView Control
  15. How to access DetailsView's fields programmatically
  16. Bind a DetailsView control with a DropDownList control
  17. Using Command buttons in DetailsView control
  18. Using Commandfield element in a DetailsView control
  19. Using buttonfield in a DetailsView control

Entity Framework

  1. using ado net entity data model in windows applications
  2. entity framework entity data model
  3. entity framework orm object relational mapper
  4. querying entity data model using objectcontext
  5. create entity data model using ado.net entity framework designer in visual studio
  6. create sales order management data model using edmgen exe tool
  7. display data in a gridview using ado.net entity data source control
  8. ways of querying entity data model
  9. query entity data model using linq to entities
  10. query entity data model with object services and entity sql
  11. query entity data model using linq methods
  12. parameterized objectquery against a entity data model
  13. query entity data model using entity client
  14. linq to entities query with projections in c#
  15. entity framework - save changes to entities
  16. entity framework - insert new objects
  17. deleting entities using deleteobject() method of objectcontext
  18. binding ado.net entity framework to a listbox in c#
  19. entity framework - load method
  20. eager loading using include method in entity framework
  21. entity framework - retrieving a single entity
  22. add an entity to associated entities


  1. ERP case studies
  2. ERP pain - failures
  3. ERP Software
  4. ERP Business Processes
  5. Technologies required for ERP
  6. ERP modules
  7. ERP - Sales and marketing - CRM
  8. ERP - Purchase module - SCM
  9. ERP software design
  10. ERP software domains
  11. ERP software features
  12. SAAS ERP software
  13. Web Based ERP software
  14. ERP software maintenance
  15. ERP Courses
  16. ERP Purchase
  17. ERP training
  18. ERP usage

Form View

  1. :FormView DataBound event

Grid View

  1. what is a gridview asp.net databound controls
  2. Using the GridView AutoGenerateColumns property
  3. How to bind GridView control with SqlDataSource control
  4. DataBinding a GridView control
  5. Binding a GridView control programmatically with dataset
  6. Binding a GridView programmatically with Generic List Collection
  7. GridView CommandField example
  8. Using fields with the GridView control
  9. Adding boundfields to a GridView control
  10. Adding button fields to a GridView control
  11. Create Templatefields in a GridView control
  12. Access a value using SelectedIndexChanged() event when a row in a GridView control is selected
  13. How to restrict an item from being selected using GridView SelectedIndexChanging Event
  14. How to add a new row in the GridView control by using the GridView Footer Template
  15. Gridview datakeynames property
  16. Retrieve a non-primary DataKey value from a GridView
  17. GridView rowDataBound event
  18. Formatting GridView control with CSS

Linq to SQL

  1. convert a sequence to a generic list using ToList()method


  1. abstract class inheritance in c#.net
  2. New C# Language Feature: Automatic Properties
  3. Compile time polymorphism - Method OverLoading
  4. constructor overloading in vb.net
  5. procedure overLoading in vb.net
  6. visual inheritance with windows forms
  7. Abstract class constructors in vb.net
  8. abstract class inheritance in visual basic.net
  9. Calling base class constructor in C#
  10. base keyword in c#
  11. constructor initialization in vb.net
  12. inheritance in c#.net
  13. inheritance in visual basic.net
  14. parameter array in vb.net
  15. static constructor in c#


  1. poco class, entity framework in enterprise applications
  2. poco vs entity framework generated classes
  3. rules to create a poco class
  4. how to create a poco class in entity framework
  5. loading related poco entities
  6. how to load related poco entities using lazy loading pattern
  7. what is change tracking and ways of change tracking mechanisms with POCOs
  8. how to perform snapshot change tracking using detectchanges() method and its pros and cons
  9. how to create change tracking proxies to track changes in poco entities
  10. how to instantiate poco classes using ObjectContext.CreateObject method
  11. using the DetectChanges() method to Fix-up Relationships in poco entities
  12. entitykey object in entityframework
  13. retrieving a single entity with GetObjectByKey method of ObjectContext using EntityKey
  14. how to create an EntityKey in entity framework
  15. how to load related entities in entity framework
  16. AcceptAllChanges and SaveChanges methods in Entity Framework
  17. how to change the state of an entity using ChangeObjectState method of ObjectStateManager
  18. change the state of an entity using changestate method of objectstateentry class
  19. update an entity in a disconnected scenario using ApplyCurrentValues method
  20. How to reset the original values using ApplyOriginalValues method
  21. objectstateentry class
  22. entity state in entity framework

Web Service

  1. create a web service
  2. why create a web service
  3. technologies used in web services | SOA | XML | Web
  4. tools we use to create a web service
  5. how to create a web service using visual studio .net
  6. testing a web service
  7. deploy a web service
  8. consume a web service