Develop an Inventory Management Application using Visual Basic

book cover image title - Develop an Inventory Management Application using Visual Basic


OOPs based Application development using Visual Basic

Knowledge of OOPs programming enables you to understand the customer´s requirements, design the user interface and applications using OOPs principles and methodologies. OOPs which was earlier thought of to be the sole domain of C++ and Java programmers is now used extensively in all types of applications including visual basic and sql server database software applications.
  • Program an Inventory Management Software for a Trading Firm.
  • Program Purchase Invoices, Sales Invoices, Returns, Journal Vouchers, Cash Receipts and Cash Vouchers using Visual Basic.
  • Program Cash Book, Stock Ledger, Trial Balance and Income Statement reports using Visual Basic.
  • Design an Inventory Management Application using Object Oriented Programming using Visual Basic.
  • Implement a Class, Attributes and Services using Visual Basic.
  • Link a form and a class in Visual Basic.
  • Use ADO Programming Model objects - Connection, Command, Recordset and Field.
  • Use Recordsets in an ADO environment including Dynamic, Static, KeySet and ForwardOnly Recordsets.
  • Use the different types of cursor locations.
  • Implement locks in an ADO environment.
  • Master OOPs including Abstraction, Encapsulation, Inheritance and Polymorphism.
  • Define a class including Property Procedures, Polymorphic Methods, Generating Events, Viewing a Class, Creating Objects, Using Forms as Objects.
  • Learn how to create and implement Account Class (for managing the accounts of firm) and Item Class (for managing the closing stock, opening stock, discount rates etc).
  • Design and implement Chart of Accounts for a Trading Firm (Stock Management).
  • Program and implement double routines for sales invoice, purchase invoice etc.
  • Design and Create a database for a stock management software application.
  • Design, program and implement a Trade Class for managing all trading transactions.
  • Design a single master form (OOPs Programming) and implement various transactions like Purchase, Sales and Returns.
  • Program a datagrid which accepts items, units, rate and quantity.
  • Learn how to include and implement discounts, frieght and sales tax. Learn how to maintain double entry conditions for all the above situations.
  • Learn to how to show sorted items in a list box.
  • Display credit balances, debit balances, and cash balances for selected accounts like creditor and debtors.
  • Implement programmatically, validations to check duplications and automatic updation to relevant group accounts in chart of accounts.
  • Learn how to add, delete and modify accounts on the fly in a single transaction.
  • For a particular item a unit of measurement and use it while recording transactins like invoices etc.

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