The benefits of learning core programming skills

  1. Learn programming core skills and establish your control on software projects.
  2. Start developing your own applications.
  3. Build robust and scalable applications.
  4. Write reusable code.
  5. Start your own consulting firm.
  6. Attract potential clients by offering low cost, high quality applications.
  7. Provide a wide range of services as the core technology and secrets given in these books can be applied across a wide range of domains.
  8. Start offering customized solutions with the core accounting and stock modules in your hand.
  9. If you are employed, enhance your skill sets quickly, and demand from your Boss that elusive raise.
  10. Get ahead of your peers in your workplace.

Roadmap to become an Expert Programmer.

Beginner to Expert

.net, sql server, C#, symbols. owned by microsoft.


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